4.5L V8 Diesel 1VD FTV Engine To Suit Toyota 71, 73, 75, 76, 78 & 79 Series



Safari 4x4 know that the typical Aussie 70 series owner is loading up more and more for work and play, towing, touring and fitting out their vehicle with all sorts of upgrades. The Safari ARMAX range of performance products have been designed in conjunction with one another to provide the ultimate solution to providing the Toyota 70 Series with uncompromising power.


Safari Part Number: SS79HPV

With the popularity of performance upgrades using engine management and larger exhausts, Safari 4x4 Engineering took the decision to design a snorkel system that not only raised the air intake to prevent ingesting harmful elements to the vehicles air cleaner, but also would be able to deliver the necessary volume of air into the engine, therefore maximising the performance enhancements potential.

Huge air flow is but one aspect of the ultimate in snorkel design suitable for the Toyota 70 Series Wide Front LandCruiser 03/2007 to 2023 4.5L Diesel 1VD-FTV. The Safari ARMAX snorkel air ram is designed to perform two very important roles. The most obvious is to funnel cool clean air into the snorkel body - but just as importantly, the Safari ARMAX air ram acts as a highly efficient water separator to remove rain water from the incoming air stream - thus ensuring safe engine operation through even the most torrential tropical storms.

  • Safari's NEXT GENERATION 4" Air Ram with an optimised air flow, low restriction grill
  • Australian designed, moulded and manufactured
  • Design and flow tested by our in house engineers for maximum performance
  • Raised air intake to prevent your engine from ingesting harmful elements
  • Water separating air ram design to remove water from the air stream
  • Durable and UV stable snorkel and air ram for added strength
  • Lifetime Warranty


Safari Part Number: SS79HFD
  • Manufactured from Safari's own Industrial Spec UV Stabilised Polyethylene material
  • Available for most popular, current model 4WD vehicles
  • Stainless steel mounting hardware   EPDM moulded rubber connection hoses to ensure the snorkel lasts the vehicle lifetime
  • Water tight raised air intake for ultimate engine protection against water & dust ingress
  • Australian Made
  • Lifetime Warranty

Armax ECU

Safari Part Number: SMPVDJ70M

The Safari ARMAX Engine Control Unit (ECU) is designed to work harmoniously with your vehicles OE Engine Control Unit resulting in more power, more torque, better throttle response, less fuel consumption and less turbo lag.

This is all backed up by Safari’s sophisticated engine protection systems which are constantly live monitoring your vehicle for total drivetrain safety and ultimate reliability.

  • IP68 rated for water and particle ingress
  • 5-way map selection switch for different driving modes
  • Engine & drivetrain protection systems such as EGT control and torque reduction on gear change
  • OE Style wiring harness with gold plated terminals and IP rated connectors
  • Extensive library of calibration files to suit most popular aftermarket
  • performance upgrades
  • Reduced fuel consumption
  • Designed, engineered and manufactured in Australia
  • Remote access for support and updates
  • Product and Engine/Drivetrain warranty


Safari Part Number: STVDJ70W350

The professionally developed and engineered Safari ARMAX Turbocharger for Toyota’s 1VD-FTV diesel engine delivers amazing performance. The Safari ARMAX Turbocharger is designed to restore lost performance by allowing a larger air capacity through the turbocharger, in turn, offering an increase in engine power.

  • 25% increased capacity over OE Turbocharger
  • Wider compressor map for improved performance
  • Billet Compressor Wheel
  • Surge Slotted Compressor Housing
  • Internal Ball bearing with 360° thrust assembly
  • Direct bolt on
  • Retains ARMAX Engine and drivetrain warranty*


Safari Part Number: SDVDJ70CHD

The stock Toyota clutch is very robust and well matched to the torque output of a 1VD-FTV engine and intended use of the vehicle up to standard GVM and power levels.

In performance and/or increased GVM applications, the engine demands substantial improvement in clutch performance. Safari have engineered a replacement clutch rated to 1100nm of torque which provides a 250% increase in torque capacity whilst maintaining stock driveability characteristics.

  • 1100Nm (250%) Increased Torque Capacity
  • Designed for increased power, torque and high GVM applications
  • Long service life maintains torque capacity within 10% over the wear rate
  • of the clutch disc
  • Standard vehicle pedal feel with improved diaphragm lift control
  • Safari ARMAX slave cylinder
  • OE drive characteristics
  • 12 months 20,000km product warranty
  • Safari ARMAX Engine & Drivetrain warranty*


Safari Part Number: SOSVDJ70

Clean charge air to an engine’s intake is critical for maximising performance and fuel economy. The Safari Oil to Air Separator is designed to remove oil particles that enter the intake charge air. Oil Vapour separation prevents the build-up of soot in the vehicle’s air intake manifold and critical engine components are kept clean.

  • Crank case oil vapour separation
  • Reduces intake carbon build up
  • Allows clean air delivery to engine
  • Improves performance and fuel consumption
  • Reduced engine oil contamination
  • Reduces intercooler outlet temperatures
  • Serviceable filter
  • Fully sealed and internally bypassed


Safari Part Number: SFFVDJ70RH

Diesel fuel can become easily contaminated with water and/or micro particle matter which highly degrades the quality and effectiveness of the fuel being injected into an engine. Contaminated diesel fuel is one of the most common causes of diesel engine failure. By adding a Safari ARMAX Auxiliary Pre Fuel Filter, the diesel fuel is passed through a 30 micron primary filter before it reaches the vehicle’s standard final fuel filter.

  • 98% particle separation (based on 30 micron particles)
  • Designed for high output applications
  • 100% water separation efficiency (based on 300μm droplet size)
  • Prevents premature engine component failure
  • Easily serviceable
  • In-cab water detection alert
  • Maintains Safari ARMAX ECU engine and drivetrain warranty
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